Di Cuore Italiano

Made by the best italian goldsmiths to carry Italy next to the heart

Italian craftsmanship by Pinomanna

We put our heart into everything we do

Together against Covid!

In such a dramatic moment, releated to the Covid-19 outbreak, we decided to join the initiative of DiValenza Consortium and the platform www.joyluxury.it, to provide support and funds to our local hospitals.

All sales proceeds of the collection will go to
immediate aid to help alleviate the devastation Covid-19 has bestowed on us here in Valenza, Italy.

Our heart beats for Italy more than ever...we invite all Italy lovers to purchase Di cuore italiano jewels at www.joyluxury.it!

One of the 100 italian excellences

Today as yesterday Emmepi always continues to produce new creations, that reflects the corporate values: absolute privilege of made in Italy craftsmanship, attention to details and spirit of innovation.

With this spirit, some years ago Emmepi has launched Pinomanna brand in order to create a direct dialogue with customers who have appreciated its style for over 40 years.

Pinomanna jewelry received the prestigious "100 Italian Excellences" award, an istitutional recognition, that celebrates four decades of work, research in innovation, creativity, made in Italy craftsmanship.

The jewellery tailor

When he was 18 years old, Giuseppe Manna, entering for the first time in a jewellery laboratory, remained fascinated by the fact that from an idea and a slab of gold a jewel could be born and he decided that this would be his life’s work.

From this insight, Giuseppe started to put his passion at the service of the jewellery industry, founding the company Emmepi, which has been producing high-end jewellery for more than 40 years.

As a tailor’s son Giuseppe likes to define himself ‘a tailor of jewelry’ that chooses the best materials to sew them on to the desires of his customers, until the creation of bespoke jewels.


I love the Bel Paese so much that I want to carry a symbol of Italy on me. I chose the "Di Cuore Italiano" pin for myself

Mark, Luxembourg

My heart can only be "Di Cuore Italiano"! I love my pendant and I'm never without it!

Giovanna, Pescara

My country is Argentina, my homeland is Italy! I gave my son the "Di Cuore Italiano" bracelet.

Silvia, Argentina



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